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People are the life blood of organizations. Identifying and addressing the development and other needs of your people and providing the right kind of help and support is necessary to the healthy functioning and success of the organization.

The smooth running of an organization and its ability to achieve its objectives depends in great part upon the ability and quality of its people. Not only do individuals contribute to achieving the aims and objectives of the organization, but also to its reputation, culture and atmosphere as a satisfying, challenging and productive place in which to work.

Many factors can influence the productivity and performance of individuals, groups and teams. The identification and measurement of performance factors are essential when planning interventions and evaluating the effectiveness of an intervention.

Addressing the topic of development can also aid with grooming people for progression and succession, and possibly with reducing the risks and costs associated with recruitment.

PGA Group offer consultancy, know-how, and development and performance related services tailored to help meet your needs, including:

Development Needs Analysis

A development needs analysis is a process and set of techniques aimed at pinpointing the specific requirements of individuals in relation to helping them do their job better or in preparing them for career progression. Specific needs are identified, thereby potentially saving you money.

We can help identify the growth needs of individuals, teams and groups. In particular, we can offer psychometric testing, assessment and profiling and/or a development centre to help meet your aims and objectives.

Psychometric Testing, Assessment and Profiling for Development

Good psychometric testing can quickly and objectively identify individuals’ development needs in terms of their abilities, work approach and interpersonal relations style. Testing can offer a quick and cost-effective method of identifying the specific needs of individuals or groups.

We offer a complete psychometric assessment needs analysis service, including advising on suitable test choice, administration, profiling, and feedback to your organization and to assessees, as per your exact requirements.

Development Centre

A development centre can provide a very highly detailed insight as to the needs of individuals. Used often as part of a management training scheme, centres can be ideal in a situation where a group of individuals can be assessed together or are best assessed in a group setting.

We can design a development centre as part of a needs analysis for your organization’s use or we can administer and deliver the centre on your behalf.

Management Audit

A management audit helps take stock of abilities, work approach and interpersonal relations effectiveness and the growth needs of individuals or groups.

We can advise upon, design and/or deliver a management audit regarding the topic of interest to you, be it a group or individual needs analysis, taking stock of skills and talent, obtaining best fit with a particular objective now or in the future, or for another purpose.

A management audit may also form part of a succession planning or organizational development initiative.


The setting and measuring of specific objectives form a key component of performance monitoring and, if need be improving individual and group performance and managerial effectiveness.

We can advise upon and/or design an appraisal system or process. Identifying and measuring behaviours in an objective way is focussed upon, for example with the use of behaviourally anchored rating scales (BARS). Help is available with job analysis, should you require.

Interpersonal Relations

The effectiveness of, and satisfaction derived from personal relationships can affect significantly individual, team or group performance.

Our specialization is to measure the degree of compatibility between individuals, their peers, subordinates and their managers. Predictions can be made as to the likely fit between people and the interpersonal effectiveness of individuals in various roles.

We can advise upon and/or deliver an intervention designed to balance or improve interpersonal compatibility, harmony and relations between people. This can help ensure that your people and teams enjoy and benefit from good, productive and satisfying working relationships while capitalizing upon the diversity and richness individuals bring.

Satisfaction, Morale Or Opinion Surveying

Identifying issues which may not be readily apparent can help give insight to, and foster an understanding of factors which affect the performance of individuals, teams, groups, divisions and organizations.

We can advise upon, design and/or deliver a survey of satisfaction, morale, opinions, or other factor which may affect performance.


Stress auditing may be viewed as part of a change process or as a special form of survey or measurement activity. The topic of the stress audit is addressed within the Compliance section.

Executive Counselling

There may come a time when an individual is unable to give of their best or may be suffering and not know how to resolve the situation in which they find themselves.

We offer a highly confidential, ethical, effective and discrete executive counselling service aimed at helping the individual.

This service is not a replacement for clinically based counselling and should we feel that a situation is beyond our level of professional competence we would, of course do our utmost to advise on possible alternatives.

Further Information

It would be my pleasure to provide you with further information about our services, consultancy and know-how, or to discuss your needs or answer any questions you may have personally, in absolute confidence and without obligation.

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