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Succession consultancy and services address the finding and selection of the right individual to succeed another, particularly at the most senior levels. This can be a fraught process.

Often, the organization will be deciding not only on the ability, motivation and goodness of fit between the successor and their senior colleagues and other stakeholders, but also whether the organization will wish to take the opportunity of introducing a change in direction, style or culture, for the role and for itself.

Succession and Succession Planning

While some consultancies seek to focus solely on spotting and grooming potential talent, we consider also, in-depth the fit of potential successors with your present and future objectives and with the key people they will likely be working with.

In particular, we at PGA Group have particular expertise in identifying and measuring the degree of compatibility between individuals, their peers, subordinates, and other stakeholders. Armed with this objective information, organizations can meet their aims in terms of obtaining desired working relationships and management style, while capitalizing upon diversity and richness.

We can advise upon the whole process and discuss with you methods and options. We can also design and/or deliver in whole, or in part a suitable selection process for you, including, for instance, the use of competency or evidence-based interviewing and psychometric assessment profiling or a full assessment centre, as per your exact requirements.

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It would be my pleasure to provide you with further information about our services, consultancy and know-how, or to discuss your needs or answer any questions you may have personally, in absolute confidence and without obligation.

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