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Compliance consulting and services can help organizations manage risk, look after their people well, and help preserve their reputation and interests.

It is often said that “where America leads, the rest will follow” and this seems particularly so now regarding litigation and consequence in the area of perceived injustice.

Of course, as good employers, we would not want to risk the well-being of our people, our hard-earned reputation or the interests of stakeholders.

With some thought and attention, it is possible to manage risk and to meet and discharge obligations and responsibilities without fear.

PGA Group offer consultancy, know-how, and a range of compliance services to meet your needs, including:

Stress Audit

A stress audit is a process and set of techniques whose purpose is primarily to identify stress symptoms and stress causes in the workplace, and how individuals are coping with stress and managing stress at work.

The stress audit can indicate how possibly to improve the work environment and/or the organization in such a way as to reduce stress levels and the negative effects of stress, improve satisfaction and well-being, and improve organizational and individual performance.

We can help you meet compliance requirements and obligations through advice and/or through the delivery of a complete stress audit.

Please feel free to review the reference material below:

Stress Audit - Definition, Benefits, Outcomes
Overview of the purpose, benefits and outcomes of the audit method and the phases of the stress audit process.

Stress Audit Case Studies - Successful Stress Management At Work
How the negative effects of stress at work were identified, addressed and relieved to the benefit of three organizations and their people.

You may find this link on our published site, to be of interest:

Stress Tests -
Stress tests from may help identify the presence and causes of stress and give recommendations for managing stress and dealing with it.

Psychometric Testing Best Practice Audit

Unfortunately, some organizations are placing themselves at possible risk by choosing tests which are unsuitable, invalid or unreliable, and/or are using them in an unsuitable way.

We can help you ensure that your test choice and all aspects of your test use comply with current professional standards and best practice advice.

Expert Witness

When relationships turn sour and there seems no other way of resolving satisfactorily a breakdown of trust or other perceived injustice, some turn to litigation.

We can advise and act on the behalf of plaintiffs and defendants and their legal and other professional representatives and advisors on matters concerning proper and fair psychometric test use, particularly with regard to selection and development decisions and outcomes.

We regret, however, that we cannot accept an instruction to act on the behalf of, or advise parties pursuing a claim against an existing client of ours, or in situations where a potential conflict of interest may arise.

Further Information

It would be my pleasure to provide you with further information about our services, consultancy and know-how, or to discuss your needs or answer any questions you may have personally, in absolute confidence and without obligation.

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