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The services, consultancy and know-how we offer can help reduce employment risk, identify talent, plan succession, bring out the potential in people and teams, boost performance, improve satisfaction and well-being, and build better relations.

Your stakeholders and your bottom line could benefit, as well as your reputation and working environment.

Please feel free to review the topical areas we typically address for our clients below (for our client services Intranet, please click the Log in button at the bottom of the left-hand navigation menu):

Topical Areas

Selection services/consulting to identify candidates’ ability, work style, personal characteristics, motivation, ambition and fit.

Succession consulting/services to find and select the right individual to succeed another, particularly at very senior levels.

Development and Performance
Development and Performance consulting/services to identify/address needs, and to help measure/improve productivity and well-being.

Outplacement and Job Search
Outplacement and Job Search consulting/services to help people positively and effectively find meaningful alternative employment.

Compliance consulting/services, incl. expert witness: litigation, risk, obligations, responsibilities, reputation and interests.


We can help:
  • ensure you get the right, productive fit and avoid costly mistakes when making employment selection choices

  • support and defend your selection and development position and decisions with our strong technical competence and authoritative experience

  • identify and tap individual potential and talent to maximize investment and help plan for the future

  • build and improve relations between people and within workgroups and teams, and to make them more productive, effective and fulfilled

We have particular expertise in the areas of measuring and balancing interpersonal compatibility, succession planning, and in psychometric testing for selection and development.

Further, we have considerable experience testing people from around the world in English for whom English is not their first language.

Further Information

It would be my pleasure to provide you with further information about our services, consultancy and know-how, or to discuss your needs or answer any questions you may have personally, in absolute confidence and without obligation.

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