Peter Gerstmann, Psychologist,
Founder, Principal, PGA Group

Peter Gerstmann, Psychologist, is the founder and Principal of PGA Group Consulting Psychologists.

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In his business life, Peter Gerstmann serves also as Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of a privately held asset management company and formerly as Company Secretary of another privately held asset management company. These senior roles have given Peter direct insight into, and experience of corporate governance and strategic management. Peter is a member of the Institute of Directors (IoD), London.

Professionally, since 1987, Peter Gerstmann has offered, on an international basis, effective practical solutions to problems and issues which may significantly influence the effectiveness and success of organizations and their people in the key areas of selection, performance and development.

Peter Gerstmann specializes in assessment for the selection and development of senior and middle managers, the career and performance development of individuals, the improvement of the quality of working life, and the realization of personal well-being. Peter is an expert in the fields of psychometrics and of interpersonal compatibility.

Peter Gerstmann is highly experienced working professionally at Board and Senior Management level internationally, for multinational corporations and for more modest concerns. He has a unique insight in understanding multinational and multicultural issues in relation to succession planning, and the selection and development of individuals and of management teams. Peter Gerstmann has gained experience of assessing and working with individuals from around the world, from the USA to Russia, from China to Japan, from Denmark to South Africa, and all stops in between.

Others who know him might say that Peter’s key strength is his ability to get individuals to give their very best, and to quickly understand and appreciate the intricacies which affect organizational and individual performance. Typically, Peter would modestly claim that he just likes to help and to see people working at their best, in harmony and in balance with their life goals.

Quoted internationally in the press and other media, Peter Gerstmann is the author of Tricky Job Interview Questions and Answers: How to Handle Interviews and Get the Job You Want, published by PGA Group and distributed internationally by Lightning Source and Ingram Book Company. Peter conceived and directs the development of Real Tests Online .com - a place where the public can access quality online psychological tests.

Having read psychology and graduated from the University of Wales, Cardiff, Peter contributed on many projects for other psychologists and organizations. While a post graduate student at Cardiff Business School, Peter researched resistance to the implementation of information technology, and assisted on the graduate course and on several research projects, most notably for the UK Government’s (then) Department of Employment (DoE), (now Department for Employment and Learning).

After gaining international experience in a number of appointments, including Senior Consultant with London based firm Corporate Psychologists International Limited (CPI), Peter Gerstmann founded PGA Group Consulting Psychologists in its original form.

Peter’s interests include Eastern philosophy, travel, art and architecture. Interested initially in pursuing an architectural career, Peter was told then at school that he “did not have the mathematical capability and should concentrate on something more realistic.” Ironically, Peter went on to lecture in applied statistics in psychology and the social sciences at the university in Cardiff before establishing himself professionally.

“The potential for damaging a child’s aspirations or self-esteem by applying ill informed and misguided labelling is all too prevalent in the field of education, even today. That experience, which I overcame by my own determination fuelled my interest later in life in the objective measurement of ability, aptitude, motivation and potential, and its application for the benefit of individuals and organizations...” says Peter Gerstmann.

Travelling widely, Peter enjoys exploring the tropics. His passion for art has broadened in taste to include abstract and interpretive works. He is as happy viewing a Rothko as he would be a Canaletto.

A classicist by instinct, Peter is open to contemporary architecture also. He appreciates in particular the work of the Mexican, Japanese, and American architects Ricardo Legorreta, Ando Tadao, and Frank Lloyd Wright, respectively. Peter’s favourite buildings though include Palladio’s Villa Rotonda, Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion and Ryōan-ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan. “All are products of very different times, yet share an almost divine simplicity of form and can promote a feeling of calm serenity. They speak and respond on a personal level, and imbue a positive affect. I am fascinated by how Architecture, like people, has the power to uplift or crush the human spirit...” says Peter Gerstmann.

Peter enjoys competitive spectator activities, including water sports of all kinds and contact sports also. South American soccer is a particular favourite of his, “...for the energy, style, passion and sheer brilliance they put into what they do...” says Peter.

Peter lives close to London in Berkshire, England, in a property dating to 1752. He takes a keen interest in local issues. Peter Gerstmann served as an elected local government councillor and participates in activities for the benefit of his community.

Are you interested in benefiting from Peter Gerstmann’s wealth of experience and friendly, expert help and advice? Please contact Peter personally, and without obligation for further information, to discuss your needs in absolute confidence, or to arrange a one-on-one consultation. Peter is very approachable and would be glad to help.

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Gerstmann Family Name Trivia: Common misspellings of psychologist Peter Gerstmann’s family name include dropping one letter n, as in Peter Gerstman, placing the letter t before the letter s, as in Peter Gertsmann, or a combination of the two, as in Peter Gertsman. Less common misspellings of the family name include substituting the letter e with the letter u, as in Peter Gurstmann, or a combination like those above, as in Peter Gurstman, or Peter Gurtsmann, or Peter Gurtsman. Rarer misspellings include dropping the letter s altogether, as in Peter Gertmann, and again, in any combination as before, as in Peter Gertman, or Peter Gurtmann, or Peter Gurtman! There is a serious side to this trivia piece, which is to give searchers who misspell or do not know the correct spelling of Peter’s family name a chance of finding him when searching on the Internet.

Incidentally, the German word ‘mann’ translates to ‘man’ in English, whereas the prefix Gerst is related to the German word for barley, gerste. Therefore, Peter Gerstmann could be translated to ‘Peter Barleyman.’

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