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Selection consultancy and services address whether candidates can do the job, will do the job, and whether they will fit in with your organization’s culture, ethos and way of working. In short, are they likely to be the right, or best person for the job?

We can help you identify candidates’ potential suitability for a role, for example in terms of identifying their ability and personal characteristics, their motivation and ambition, and their likely fit with your organization and its people.

PGA Group offer consultancy, know-how, and a range of selection services tailored to your exact needs, including the following:

Psychometric Testing, Assessment and Profiling for Selection

Good psychometric testing can quickly and objectively identify individuals’ strengths and weakness in terms of their abilities, work approach and interpersonal relations. Testing can help distinguish between seemingly similar candidates in terms of who may fit the role and your organization well or best.

We can advise on the choice of suitable tests to address the competencies of interest.

We offer an effective and competitively priced turnkey psychometric assessment for selection service. Our complete service includes suitable test choice, administration, profiling and reporting, and the giving of feedback to your organization and to candidates, as per your exact requirements.

Our specialization is to measure and advise upon the degree of compatibility between individuals, their peers, subordinates and their managers. With this objective information, organizations can help ensure good, productive and satisfying working relationships while capitalizing upon the diversity and richness of talent present or available.

Assessment Centre

An assessment centre can provide a very highly detailed insight as to the potential suitability of candidates. Often employed for graduate recruitment and entry to ‘fast track’ management entry schemes, assessment centres can be used also for other appointments where a group of candidates can be assessed together, or are best assessed within a group setting.

A mixture of assessment methods can be employed, for example psychometric testing, role play, and group exercises and interviewing.

We can design an assessment centre for your organization’s use or we can administer and deliver an assessment centre on your behalf.

Competency, Or Evidence-based Selection Interviewing

The job interview is probably still the most widely used method of attempting to ascertain candidates’ suitability for a position. However, the effectiveness of the job interview can be quite poor and is highly dependent upon interviewers’ skill and technique.

Competency, or evidence-based interviewing can introduce rigour into the process and help yield better results and reduce selection risk when choosing the best people for the job.

We can help you identify competencies, advise on their examination and interpretation, train your interviewers in this technique, or deliver interviews on your behalf as a service. Help is available with job analysis and candidate specification also, should you require.

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It would be my pleasure to provide you with further information about our services, consultancy and know-how, or to discuss your needs or answer any questions you may have personally, in absolute confidence and without obligation.

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