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This overview is about the role our web site and information technology (IT) strategy plays in helping us meet and exceed customer expectations.

As with other service industries, clients expect to receive a high quality service but with competitive fees and greater convenience, reliability and speed than before.

To maximize our efficiency, and to provide cost-effective services, we have continually made a significant investment in sophisticated information technology.

Instead of using automation to enable us to do what we always did, only faster, our technology strategy has helped us to re-engineer many processes in a way that adds value for clients. This Internet site forms part of that strategy.

We remain committed to the principle that continuing implementation of technology is one of many methods by which we can continue to deliver exceptional service, particularly with regard to:

  • Quality management

  • Client convenience

  • Speed and reliability

  • Cost containment

This site’s role is to act as a medium for:

  • Providing information from and about us

  • Marketing and delivering our digital publications and consultancy services

  • Sharing information and data with our clients and other stakeholders

This Internet site has been produced in-house here at PGA Group Consulting Psychologists.

I hope you have found this brief overview of our web site and information technology (IT) strategy informative, useful and beneficial. It may be linked to or referenced freely. Please cite the publisher, PGA Group Consulting Psychologists at www.pgagroup.com.

Should you have any questions, or would like further information without obligation, my team and I would be very happy to help. Details and an e-mail form to contact/locate us can be found here: www.pgagroup.com/contact-pga-group.html

Peter Gerstmann
PGA Group Consulting Psychologists - www.pgagroup.com

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