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The outplacement service offered by PGA Group consulting psychologists provides a cost-effective approach to getting individuals who have lost their job back into meaningful employment, quickly. Those who remain in the organization may also receive support at a difficult and potentially stressful time for all concerned.

Ideally, employers would be able to provide employment for as long as is mutually agreeable to them and their employees. However, for many reasons this cannot always be the case. Involuntary separations, through redundancy for example, leave former employees in the vulnerable position of being placed in the job market at a time not of their choosing.

Needless to say, apart from any considerations of financial security, this situation can, and often does have a significant negative effect on individuals’ self-esteem. Consequently, this can manifest in poor job search behaviour resulting in a vicious cycle of despair.

For the caring employer, professional help is at hand. Rather than leave their outgoing employees to face the job market alone, expert guidance can be provided through outplacement counselling.

What is Outplacement Counselling?

Outplacement counselling, or just outplacement for short, is a structured process of helping individuals get back into meaningful employment quickly. Various methods are employed by different outplacement service providers.

The methods used by PGA Group consulting psychologists have been consistently proven in terms of their effectiveness over time. It is worth noting here that establishing and addressing the individual needs of both the employee and employer is paramount to us.

Who Can Provide Outplacement Counselling?

Virtually anyone can provide an outplacement service. Some outplacement service providers specialize only in this area, whereas others treat it as part of their remit. However, it is wise to check the credentials of the provider, as your choice will reflect on you and your organization, particularly at this sensitive time.

PGA Group are qualified and highly experienced consulting psychologists and organizational development specialists. Our services are designed to enhance the decision making, effectiveness and success of individuals and organizations internationally through applied psychology.

All our consultants and counsellors have experienced personally career change and redundancy. This does not just provide credibility and empathy as far as your people are concerned, more importantly perhaps it means that counsellors understand the process and know which strategies do work.

Outplacement is a counselling process. The outplacement counsellor, due to the high stress factors inherent in the dismissal, must apply psychological sophistication in counselling skills to establish and maintain effective relationships.

Assisting individuals to feel in control, to feel optimistic about the future, and to feel confident and resourceful requires the counsellor to have special talents and knowledge.

PGA Group consulting psychologists offer this level of psychological sophistication.

More than 450 individuals have been helped by PGA Group consulting psychologists to secure a new future, often with improved conditions of service, in a competitive time frame.

“Our success rate averages 90% placement within twelve weeks of outplacement service commencement.”

The organizational level of individuals who have been assisted by us has ranged from Board to shop-floor. Our outplacement service has been delivered at home in the UK and abroad. Success has been achieved by us in employment ‘black spots.’ The employment sectors we have been involved with include manufacturing, service, and distribution - from chemicals to data communications, from the army to the clergy - all with similar levels of success.

Occasionally, we provide one-on-one outplacement or career coaching and related services to private clients, often at a senior level.

We even provide career planning and development to members of our own profession - a clear indication of the respect we hold among our peers.

As such, we are well placed to address your individual requirements.

PGA Group Approach to Outplacement Service Provision

Unlike other outplacement services, which can be poorly structured and expensive, PGA Group offer an outplacement service that is cost-effective, sharp, quick and intensive, and designed around the specific needs of the individuals concerned.

In our experience, most people using our outplacement service have been placed successfully with approximately six support sessions. Our success is based on making our services redundant as soon as possible.

The objective is to give individuals an intense initial structure which will allow them to bounce back as quickly as possible, and to help them regain the confidence to continue the job search independently though not in isolation.

In situations of redundancy, providing outplacement is a way of helping employees understand that it is the job that has been made redundant, and not the people themselves as people.

Individuals still possess the valuable skills necessary to find a new job. It is our role to help redirect these skills and past achievements towards the challenge of finding the most appropriate opportunity for the future.

Service Highlights for the Individual

  • Personal and career counselling to provide focus, to alert the individual to opportunities, and to help ensure that the person is in the best frame of mind and optimally motivated to pursue the job search and placement process.

  • In-depth psychometric assessment of ability, personality and career interest not only to provide experience of this part of the job selection process but also to ascertain the strengths, development needs and career interests of the individual. This highly valued component feeds into many aspects of the career choice, job search and selection process elements of the outplacement service we offer. This assessment component is based on the process used in our Psychometric Testing Service for employment selection.

  • Their existing skills and experience are identified and the individual is shown how to redirect these for today’s job marketplace.

  • The construction of an effective resum√© [Curriculum Vitae (CV)] and job application covering letters.

  • Interview technique coaching, including session recording to DVD which individuals may keep for study and reference.

  • Positive, proven assistance with organizing an effective personal job search strategy.

  • Post placement review to ensure the individual has made a satisfactory transition to their new role.

  • Independent financial counselling may be able to be arranged as an option in some areas.

Service Highlights for the Organization

  • Aid can be given to planning the dismissal in a humane and efficient manner.

  • Services are based on individual or group needs.

  • Excessive time and expense associated with traditional outplacement programmes are curtailed.

  • Organizations who reflect good professional practice towards their people by providing benefits beyond those required by law gain from the reputation of being a caring employer.

  • The involvement of an objective professional outplacement service provider right from the start can reduce the potential drain on valuable in-house resources.

  • Offering an outplacement service can be an effective tool to enhance negotiations with individuals or groups, for example within a unionized environment.

  • Our materials, including the workshop edition of our Effective Job Search Skills Manual, can be branded with your identity should you wish.


The provision of a professional outplacement service can give effective help and support to employers and those affected in situations of involuntary separation such as redundancy.

Those who dismiss and those who remain in the organization can also be affected and may need support as well as those who lose their jobs.

PGA Group consulting psychologists can assess the needs of all three groups and provide the attention required, using a responsible, humane and efficient approach essential for organizational development.

Those who are affected directly by losing their jobs will receive proven, effective assistance and support reentering the job marketplace. We have an established track record of helping people in this way.

PGA Group consulting psychologists can help with advice and can provide a cost-effective outplacement service tailored to your specific needs.

Should you have any questions, or would like further information, in complete confidence and without obligation, my team and I would be very happy to help.

An e-mail form and details to contact/locate us can be found here: www.pgagroup.com/contact-pga-group.html

Peter Gerstmann
PGA Group Consulting Psychologists - www.pgagroup.com


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