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The professional career coaching service offered by PGA Group Consulting Psychologists provides expert career choice, job search and job interview skills consultation, guidance and support for the benefit of individuals and groups.

Whether you are thinking of changing career direction, looking for a new job, wanting to return to work after a career break, or are currently between jobs, you have valuable skills and past achievements which can benefit you and your next employer.

A good guide, e.g. Tricky Job Interview Questions and Answers can help you to be better placed for interview success by showing you how to prepare and how to adopt the right approach.

However, you may be unsure about the direction your career should take, or about what job would suit your personality, skills and interests best.

You may also be unsure about how to unlock and present your skills and achievements to your best advantage to help you secure your next position.

PGA Group Consulting Psychologists have an established track record of helping individuals identify their needs, to make a positive career choice, and to redirect their valuable skills and past achievements towards the challenge of finding their next opportunity.

Career Coaching Service Benefits

Our career coaching service is tailored to revolve around satisfying your precise needs. We can help you identify the right career path and provide you with the necessary skills and support to gain your next position.

The benefits associated with using our career coaching service include:

  • Personal and career counselling which encourages and supports your exploration of choice for the future and can alert you to possibilities which you may not have considered previously.

  • In-depth psychometric assessment and feedback which support the above. An increasing number of employers are using tests to screen job applicants. We can help boost your psychometric test-taking confidence and performance, thereby enabling you to achieve a potential competitive advantage against other job candidates.

  • Identification and best presentation of your skills, achievements and interests for today’s job marketplace to help optimize your job-search process.

  • Positive assistance, professional expertise and guidance to help ensure your adoption of an effective personal job search strategy.

  • Powerful Resume [Curriculum Vitae (CV)] and covering letter writing assistance to help you obtain good job interview opportunities.

  • Personal job interview technique analysis and coaching, including session video recording to DVD with a commentary for you to keep and study to help bring about your interview success.

  • Guidance to help you negotiate your new salary and compensation package.

  • Continuing support to help you over the ‘job search hump’ which otherwise may derail your job search efforts.

  • Post placement review to help you plan for the future.


The professional career coaching service from PGA Group Consulting Psychologists can help individuals make informed career choices and help them negotiate the job selection process with confidence.

Whereas our career coaching service is tailored primarily for individuals, organizations wishing to provide assistance for people experiencing job loss, through redundancy for example, may wish to consider using a professional Outplacement Service.

Are you interested in benefiting from expert advice and help with your career development or job search? Should you have any questions, or would like further information, in complete confidence and without obligation, my team and I would be very happy to help.

An e-mail form and details to contact/locate us can be found here:

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