Business Activity Classification (BAC) - SIC Alternative

The Business Activity Classification (BAC) from PGA Group Consulting Psychologists comprises of a number of activity sectors, roughly divided between products and services.

We developed the Business Activity Classification (BAC) as a very broad, much condensed and simplified alternative to the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) of economic activity. The SIC, though comprehensive, often is too elaborate for market research and other research purposes.

A classification set published originally by the Market Research Society (MRS), London, which is more condensed still, appears after our classification below.

You may find our Standardized Survey Classifications - Individuals to be of interest also.

Business Activity Classification (BAC)


  • Forestry and Fishing

  • Mining and Quarrying

  • Other Agro-Industries

Energy and Utilities

  • Nuclear Energy, Electricity and Alternative Fuels

  • Oil, Gas and Coal

  • Water Companies

  • Other Energy and Utilities


  • Aerospace Equipment

  • Chemicals and Chemical Products

  • Defence Industries

  • Electronics and Electronic Engineering

  • Food, Drink and Tobacco

  • Glass and Ceramics

  • High-tech Industries

  • Household Products and Appliances

  • Machine Tools and Other Machinery

  • Metals and Metal Products

  • Mineral Products

  • Motor Vehicles

  • Office Machinery, Computers and Electrical Products

  • Paper, Paper Products and Packaging

  • Pharmaceuticals and Toiletries

  • Rubber and Plastics

  • Textiles, Clothing and Footwear

  • Timber and Furniture

  • Toys and Sports Goods

  • Other Manufacturing


  • Arts

  • Banking and Financial Institutions

  • Charities and Not-for-profit Organizations

  • Hotels, Leisure and Entertainment

  • Insurance

  • Legal Services

  • Libraries and Information Services

  • Property Services and Architecture

  • Professional Bodies, Housing Associations and Unions

  • Retail/Wholesale Trade

  • Sanitation, Refuse and Sewage Disposal

  • Tourism and Travel

  • Transport: Rail, Air, and Shipping Companies

  • Warehousing

  • Other Services


  • Civil Engineering

  • Other Construction

Public Sector

  • Central Government

  • Education

  • Health Authorities, Trusts and Hospitals

  • Local Government

  • Social Services

  • Other Public Sector


  • Advertising and Public Relations

  • Media

  • Publishing, Printing and Photographic Services

  • Telecommunications and Postal Services

  • Other Communications

For those who want a highly condensed classification, we would suggest the following, published by the Market Research Society (MRS), London:

  • Primary (farming, fishing, mining, etc.)

  • Manufacturing

  • Selling, distribution and retailing

  • Finance and banking

  • Transportation

  • Other service industries

  • Civil Service and local government

  • Armed Forces

  • Professions in private practice

  • Education

You can read about the use of this condensed economic activity classification in our Organizational Benchmark Survey Case Study - Identifying Need. This case study gives insights to the construction, implementation and outcomes of an organizational benchmark survey. It shows how this process helped an organization to identify need, focus priorities and develop new business opportunities.

I hope you have found this Business Activity Classification (BAC) from PGA Group Consulting Psychologists informative, useful and beneficial.

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