Articles on Organizational Development & Individual Development

These applied psychology articles from PGA Group Consulting Psychologists are about understanding ourselves as individuals, our relations with others, and the improvement of organizational and individual performance, satisfaction and well-being. The articles have in common the identification, measurement, and addressing of organizational and individual needs.

Organizational development here concerns the development, success and performance of organizations and their stakeholders. Personal development here concerns the growth, success and development of individuals, inside and outside of the workplace context or environment.

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Expression of Anger - “The Frustration Response”
What is the relationship between the expression of anger and frustration? Can individuals’ style of anger expression be predicted?

Self and Inner Self: Existence, Identity and Being - “I Am Me”
What is the self and the nature of its existence? What is my identity as a human being and how can I define myself without reference to others and things?

Emotional Intelligence and Psychometric Assessment
Is Emotional Intelligence theory useful or valid in the psychometric assessment of job candidates’ suitability for employment?

Psychometric Assessment Reports: Profile Structure & Content
Psychometric assessment reports profile individuals’ capabilities, limitations and potential with regard to specific competencies.

Psychometric Assessment Service - PGA Group Consulting Psychologists
Psychometric assessment service to inform selection and development decisions objectively, manage risk and identify opportunity.

Psychometric Test Room Conditions - Best Practice Guide
Establishment guide to psychometric test room conditions: The suitability and preparation of the environment in which test candidates will be working.

Team Roles & Group Effectiveness - FIRO & Belbin Contrasted
Contrasted are FIRO and Belbin Team-Roles approach to understanding and developing the effectiveness of individuals and groups.

Career Coaching Service - PGA Group Consulting Psychologists
An effective career coaching service which provides expert advice, help and support with career development and job search.

Outplacement Service - PGA Group Consulting Psychologists
A cost-effective outplacement service to get those who have lost their job back into meaningful employment, quickly.

Employee Counselling - Definition, Benefits, Outcomes
Helping improve the well-being and performance of individuals and mitigating liability and cost to employers.

Stress Audit - Definition, Benefits, Outcomes
Overview of the purpose, benefits and outcomes of the audit method and the phases of the stress audit process.

Employee Attitude Survey - Definition, Benefits, Outcomes
Overview of the purpose, benefits and outcomes of the survey method and the phases of the survey process.

Business Activity Classification (BAC) - SIC Alternative
The Business Activity Classification (BAC) of economic activity is a condensed, simplified alternative to the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC).

Standardized Survey Classifications - Individuals
Standardized survey classifications of sex, marital status, age, occupation (activity, industry, degree of responsibility), education.

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